Executive Summary

Meta Design Manufacturing specializes in custom manufactured products for the telecom, utility and design industries. At the core, Meta is about helping people and solving problems. The vision began when the founders saw a way to help people in need, overcome obstacles, and possibly open up career opportunities. For Meta, year one was all about laying the foundation, testing new tools, and increasing quality traffic.


For relatively newly formed companies, the possibilities are endless.  

Meta Design recognized a need to build brand awareness (long-term) while generating interest among new customer partners.

The customer journey for a new utility, telecom or design business can be a long one: many touch points can be involved. Understanding the full journey beyond digital is important to understanding how prospective customers think. The Meta Design team has a great understanding of this and through it has been instrumental in understanding personas and helping to craft messages that resonate with prospective customers in different stages of the conversion funnel.

Results, Return on Investment


Introducing new channels and putting an emphasis on the channels that drive the greatest engagement improved metrics like time spent on site, bounce rate, and number of pages visited.

Future Plans 

Content marketing including asset development, will further build on the ability to drive leads. META DESIGN is a thought leader in the space, with continual education and speaking events.

By defining how we can leverage these activities to enhance the schools position in the space, META DESIGN will be able to take advantage of this unique position in a more scaled format, digitally, and throughout the year.

Through continuing with forward-thinking brand awareness strategies, traffic, leads and new orders will rise for years to come. Customers will continue to recognize META DESIGN as the top choice for manufactured parts, tools, assemblies and much more. 

Are Your Prospects Finding You?

Greater Volume of Qualified Leads

You've worked hard to get where you are. Let us help with both strategy and implementation so your business is on it's way to a predictable lead flow, resulting in new customers.


  • People are searching online for solutions;
  • Your solutions are readily available in multiple ways;
  • Your website becomes a machine, turning visitors into leads.

Let’s stay one step ahead.

Your  social channels & website become a lead generation machine and predictable traffic, leads and new customers are now a reality. 

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