Executive Summary

Owner, Greg, was doing a great job of utilizing the tech stack available to him: a solid website, a Google Ads campaign and a Customer Relationship Management or CRM with a well-developed drip communications strategy.  When the time came to ramp up the lead volume, Greg came to Agile Digital Marketing to see where he could get the best Return-On-Ad-Spend or ROAS.


Competition is the number one challenge facing Keyrenter East Bay Being visible in a competitive space requires strategy (finding what niche is the best opportunity) and constant optimization (we need to focus spend where the ROAS is the best!).

It’s also an industry that requires quick response. Greg had this part covered but some automation techniques are helping to give back time to Greg, so he can focus on talking to sales opportunities.

How Agile Services Helped

Keyrenter is taking a multi-pronged approach to lead generation. Our tool set includes:

  • Analytics
  • Yelp ads
  • Google Search (already being used)
  • SEO, On Page
  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management//Reviews
  • CRM//Email

There was a lot of quick movement when we first started working with Keyrenter. Our expectation was that we’d need many months before we saw contribution to the lead funnel. To the contrary, Greg noted an almost immediate increase to leads, most notably from Yelp Ads.

Results, Return on Investment

For Greg, we’re noticing hard and soft returns from his investment. Greg is seeing daily leads come into CRM, many from organic search and Yelp.

Additionally, we’re freeing up Greg to do what he does best: establishing relationships and closing sales opportunities.

"Sed Greg is a KING - on so many levels, aside from finding us the house of our dreams, he has also had everything fixed when required, popped in to make sure everything was OK when we were away and the storms hit town. Honest, straight talking, super friendly and genuine. You will not regret it!"

Mert Rich | East Bay

Future Plans

Future plans include budget optimizations: we want to leverage the tools creating the best return by focusing spend on them, while watching for any diminishing returns.

We also recognize a constant need for reputation management. For Greg, he only has a positive presence on social and digital directories, so it’s a matter of building on his outward presence. We’re using grade.us to create an automated 4-drip process to request reviews (3 emails, followed by a text) and we’re crafting an authentic approach to conversing with this valuable audience.

It’s all about search! Greg and Keyrenter East Bay already have a support team that’s built a great foundation for search. We’ll be taking it local – creating localized content, building out a remarketing component and bidding on more local qualifier keyword phrases.

Let’s stay one step ahead.

Your  social channels & website become a lead generation machine and predictable traffic, leads and new customers are now a reality. 

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