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At Agile, we’re passionate about achieving branding, marketing and development goals for non-profits whether in music, education, health care, nutrition, food and shelter for the homeless or vehicle donations, to name a few.

While many acknowledge the somewhat fragmented world of non-profits and foundations and family trusts, we believe the direction of the non-profit sector in general is positive. The massive recession of 2008 in the U.S. was actually a boon for non-profits as many previously employed tech sector and service sector professionals started new non-profits or switched careers.  Non-profit organization growth in the U.S. is important for several reasons including the effect on employment, retraining services to the unemployed and people living on the streets, health and emergency room savings, health for chronic or acute mental illness and more.

Digital marketing for non-profits is applied in a different manner than for for-profits. The emphasis is on attracting more donors and donations through compelling branding, compelling client stories and free advertising through programs like Google For Non-Profits. Agile is a Google Partner and has expertise in this program and a core benefit, use of Google AdWords for non-profits with certain restrictions. - A Vehicle Donation Program 

Agile is experienced in working with both family-run and non-family-run 5013c non-profit corporations. A client, is a five year old northern California non-profit based in Concord, California.  

Agile found an excellent fit with Clunkers4Charity from the start of the organization. Agile was instrumental in early brand and logo design to the renaming of the non-profit.  Agile was project manager for the organization’s first website and a subsequent website. We believe so strongly in this organization’s mission that Agile continues to subsidize the cost of its services after several years of steady growth.

Agile shares a core value – giving back to their local community in very tangible ways. For Clunkers, close to 95% of all vehicle donation proceeds go back to the community and to aid organizations world-wide through Rotary International.

Giving people an opportunity to get the local help they need in life is at the heart of the Clunkers mission.

“At the heart of their business is giving people the help they need in life through the funds they raise.”

Agile shares the core value of giving back – directly to local non-profits and to communities in developing countries.

Agile is comfortable working with established non-profits with annual revenue of $2 million or more.

While CEO at Agile Digital Marketing, Alan Koenigsberg served as the Chairman of the Board for 6 years at a health care non-profit with licensed medical clinics in locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has advised non-profits and supported the efforts of a number of national and international non-profits through regular giving.

Dave and Mary Kemnitz started Clunkers4Charity because they saw this non-profit as a natural extension of their car repair business, D&H Enterprises and D&H Automotive and as part of their membership in the Clayton Valley, Concord Sunrise Rotary Chapter of Rotary International. They began accepting vehicle donations at a rate of about 1 or 2 per month. Today, they receive about 30 per month or 1 per day and are able to accept more.

Today, we find stories particularly attractive to an online audience. From early assessment to goal-setting and planning, our team is able to build upon the brand identity already established. Stories are then shared via articles, videos and blogs. Each has a purpose and an intended audience based on persona and which stage a prospect is most likely to be in the donor acquisition process – Awareness, Consideration or Decision.


Applying this model to metrics that are derived from past or expected results, goals and solid planning will lead to a successful and sustainable lead generation machine.

Ready to take your non-profit to the next level through a Smart Growth process that leads to sustained success?


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